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  •     Welcome to Alameda Car Works, where we've been manufacturing high-quality, model railroad kits since 2008.

    Sheffield handcar model, 1" scale

    We started with models of a turn-of-the-century section handcar. The full-size car is a Sheffield No. 1, manufactured by the Sheffield Velocipede Car Company of Three Rivers, Michigan. We offer the model in two scales: 1" to the foot (1:12) and 1.5" to the foot (1:8). These all-metal, craftsman kits are available from stock. They are enjoyable to build and look great on a desktop or mantle. (We're now also making display bases.)

    The second handcar we'll be tackling is a 3' narrow gauge Kalamazoo handcar. This will be in 1:12 scale. The production prototype is almost finished. (You can see a photo and read more on its Products page.) We expect to be shipping these later this year.

    Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information about our kits. Each of the kits is also shown on its own page under Products. And our addresses and numbers are all on the Contact Us page. Please call or send us a note if you have any questions (or comments or orders or whatever).

                                              made in USA

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