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  •     Welcome to Alameda Car Works, where we've been manufacturing high-quality, model railroad kits since 2008.

    Sheffield handcar model, 1" scale

    And it's now 2016. Despite high hopes for a larger line of products, life has gotten in the way. We (meaning I) have decided to close up shop for the foreseeable future.

    The 1.5" scale cars are sold out (including the demonstrators). But I still have 1" scale handcar kits. I've reduced the price on those to $175.00, which is less than the cost of the parts. (They were last priced at $349.00.) If you've wanted one of these display kits, this is your chance. The display bases are also out of stock and the Kalamazoo car is on indefinite hold.

    The full-size car is a Sheffield No. 1, manufactured by the Sheffield Velocipede Car Company of Three Rivers, Michigan. These all-metal, craftsman kits are enjoyable to build and look great on a desktop or mantle.

    Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information about the kits. My addresses and numbers are all on the Contact Us page. Please call or send me a note if you have any questions (or comments or orders or whatever).

                                              made in USA

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