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  • 1:12 scale Kalamazoo Handcar Kit
       formerly expected to be available January 2013
    Well, January has come and gone. And so have all those other months, right up through May. So where are these kits? Sadly, I'm stuck. Everything is finished except for the last couple of investment cast journal boxes. But the foundry that has my masters and my molds disappeared for a while. Their phone still rang, but no one returned messages. E-mails weren't any better. I was about to give up and make new masters and molds, but I finally reached them in April. They're back in business (they claim). I'm hopeful I'll get parts soon. We'll see.
    Anyway, thank you all for your patience. I will get this resolved and there will be Kalamazoo kits.

    This is our newest product. The original is a 3' narrow gauge version of a Kalamazoo Manufacturing Co. section handcar. The photo shows our preproduction prototype.  Production parts are on order and we're busy putting together the instructions and drawings for the kit. The assembled 1:12 (1" to the foot) scale model is approximately 7 " L x 4 3/4" W x 4 1/2" H. It runs on 3" gauge track.

    click on thumbnails to view larger photos

                   • Frame and platform – laser-cut aluminum
                   • Gears – laser-cut stainless steel
                   • Journals, walking beam, etc. – investment cast brass
                   • Tires – steel turnings
    • Wheel centers and misc. bits and pieces – photo-etched brass
                   • Handles, axles, truss rods – brass rod and tubing
                   • Assembly hardware – included in kit
                                                  Here’s what the kit’s parts look like:
      part layout thumbnail 

    No extraordinary skills are needed to assemble these kits. And no machining is required. You’ll be asked to deburr parts, drill holes in the aluminum frame, and cut brass shapes to length. You’ll also have to glue the subassemblies together and then paint them before final assembly. (Check our FAQ page for more information about what's involved in building one of our craftsman kits.)

    Complete illustrated instructions are included. The kit supplies all the parts. As the kit builder, you will need to supply adhesives, paint, some simple tools, and about 40 hours of enjoyable building time.

                    1:12 scale Kalamazoo handcar kit –     $TBD (plus shipping)