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  • 1:8 scale Handcar Kit

    ased on the No.1 handcar offered by Sheffield in the 1890s, our kit is an accurate model of a four-wheel section handcar. The assembled 1:8 (1.5" to the foot) scale model is approximately 10" L x 7 7/8" W x 6 3/8" H. It's designed to run on 7 1/16" gauge track, but can easily be regauged for 7 1/4" or 7 1/2" gauge. (Except for size, this kit is essentially identical to our smaller 1:12 scale model.)

    thumbnail 1:8 can for scalethumbnail 1:8 outdoorsthumbnail 1:8 stock
    click on thumbnails to view larger photos

                   • Frame, wheel centers, and platform – laser-cut aluminum
                   • Gears – laser-cut stainless steel
                   • Journals, walking beam, etc. – photo-etched brass
                   • Tires – steel turnings
                   • Handles, axles, truss rods – brass rod and tubing
                   • Assembly hardware – included in kit
                                                  Here’s what the kit’s parts look like:
      part layout thumbnail 

    No extraordinary skills are needed to assemble these kits. And no machining is required. You’ll be asked to deburr parts, drill holes in the aluminum frame, cut brass shapes to length, and bend up pre-scored etchings. You’ll also have to glue the subassemblies together and then paint them before final assembly. (Check our FAQ page for more information about what's involved in building one of our craftsman kits.)

    Complete illustrated instructions are included. The kit supplies all the parts. As the kit builder, you will need to supply adhesives, paint, some simple tools, and about 40 hours of enjoyable building time.

                    1:8 scale Sheffield handcar kit –   $399.00 (plus shipping) 

    * OUT OF STOCK *
    If you are interested in this kit, please call us to discuss availability.
    (714) 817-8343